Install the Project

Using the ng add command, you can quickly create a project directory and configure the theme style with the CLI option.

1. Create an Angular project. It is recommended using the latest version of CLI (8.x), lower versions may have compatibility issues.

$ ng new <project-name>
$ cd <project-name>

It is best to choose Scss (Sass) as CSS preprocessor, you cannot use the theming variables provided by Angular Material and ng-matero if you use other preprocessor。

2. Add ng-matero

$ ng add ng-matero

Initialization options

There is a prebuild option when adding projects, which allows you to customize themes more quickly.

  • Choose a prebuilt layout template (static/dynamic)

    static means static template. You cannot change the layout style by options after the project starts.

    dynamic retains all layout parameters and can be changed dynamically by options after the project is started, as in the example.

  • Choose a prebuilt navigation type (side/top)

  • Choose a prebuilt theme style (light/dark)

  • Choose a prebuilt direction option (ltr/rtl)

  • Set up HammerJS for gesture recognition (Yes/No)

  • Set up browser animations for Angular Material (Yes/No)

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