Layout Settings

The layout configuration is only valid when you choose dynamic template during project initialization.

core/settings.ts is the default value for the layout configurations. Where navPos,dir, theme are associated with the prebuilt options.

export interface AppSettings {
  navPos?: 'side' | 'top';
  dir?: 'ltr' | 'rtl';
  theme?: 'light' | 'dark';
  showHeader?: boolean;
  headerPos?: 'fixed' | 'static' | 'above';
  showUserPanel?: boolean;
  sidenavOpened?: boolean;
  sidenavCollapsed?: boolean;

export const defaults: AppSettings = {
  navPos: 'side',
  dir: 'ltr',
  theme: 'light',
  showHeader: true,
  headerPos: 'fixed',
  showUserPanel: true,
  sidenavOpened: true,
  sidenavCollapsed: false,

It's recommended not to change setting.ts, but to dynamically set the page layout by usingsetLayoutinsetting.service.ts.



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